Lokal at the Grove

I don’t remember if I ever had a childhood dream, I don’t remember my hopes for the future. All I know is that the Childhood Dream Burger from Lokal, doesn’t seem to be very far off from that dream I don’t remember having.

Do we love doughnuts? Yes. Do we love burgers? Uh, yeah. Do we love bacon and eggs? Um, can I get a heck yeah, please? Add some cheese on top, and tell me that’s not your childhood dream wrapped in a bow.

Childhood Dream Burger Lokal

If that’s not enough, just add the fact that they have a doggie menu for our four legged babies to the list, and now tell me it doesn’t feel like Christmas morning.

Food and dog lovers alike, this place is for you.

All the beef in the Lokal menu, is not only Florida raised, but exclusively grass-fed, free-range, with no hormones or antibiotics. Is it any wonder they’re so delicious? I guess integrity contributes to great taste.

Aside from My Childhood Dream burger, here are the other must try’s:


The Frita burger is a pleasant surprise. When you take the first bite, your mouth fills with potato sticks, crispy and delicious bacon, with the burger and the sauce. It may not seem special just yet, but as you take the second bite I guarantee a change of mind. With that bite, your taste buds are introduced to the flavor that makes this burger just perfect, the guava jelly. This mixed together creates the perfect match.


Fidy Fidy Burger Lokal

For those of you that are confused souls. For those of you that have the hardest time deciding. For those of you that feel as if making decisions is the hardest task imaginable. This is the burger for you. French or Sweet Potato fries? Both. Ground beef or ground bacon? Both. A little mayo, a little cheese, a little smoked bacon, and sweet onion marmalade. Going 50/50 always makes making a decision easier, get it? Fidy-Fidy.



Oh, the stories I’ve heard, the dreams I have dreamed, chicken and waffles? Hit me. Big, big portion with a side of fried and a side of sweet. Another must.

With indoor and outdoor seating, a funky interior, and dogs sitting calmly outside as they have their meals next to their owners, Coconut Grove seems like the perfect home for Lokal. Located in Commodore Plaza, this place is a must add to the list. Though small in size, it’s big in personality, and even bigger in taste.  For more information, you can visit them at www.lokalmiami.com, or maybe just make your way over to the Grove.



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Sandra 07/22/2016 - 4:21 AM

smiles…catching the last couple myself….family movie this evening…swiss family robinson and ice cream suvnyes….ederaone tucked in and off to read myself…smiles.


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