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I am surrounded by people attempting to eat extremely healthy during the week, but that love having epic cheat meals during the weekends. So, what to do with this piece of information? Make a post about it, but of course. This will be the first post in the Cheat Meal Factor monthly series.

Here’s the Goal

Every month, at least once a week, try some place new. By new, I don’t mean fancy, I don’t mean classy, I mean extremely satisfying. The food must not only taste delicious, but it must be, wait for it…. Legendary (Thanks, Barney).  Sometimes I’ll dedicate an entire post to one place, as I’ll do on this one. Other times, I’ll show all new places tried.

The sad truth is that this can be a hit or miss, a delicious encounter or a tragic loss of a cheat meal. Either way, you’ll get as much info as I can possibly provide on these places, both about the food, service, ambiance, but most importantly the Cheat Meal Factor score.

Unfortunately, I cannot go to all the delicious places that Florida offers because there are so many. We just have to discover them and scream to the world how epic they are, right?

This is not a job for one person to try and execute. This requires an army, and by army, I mean all of you who are on the same mission and want to contribute to the cause. So, research restaurants and Live Local Think Tourist, and go on the hunt for the ultimate Cheat Meal Factor winners.

Comment below your feedback on the places you’ve gone and what other places can be added to the list.

Now, without further ado, I give you the March Favorite:

Big Pink

Big Pink South Beach

Big Pink South Beach

Big Pink South Beach

Address: 157 Collins Avenue | Miami Beach, Fl 33139
Menu Link for Big Pink Take-Out
Cheat Meal Factor: 8.5 out of 10
Ambiance: It’s a decent ambiance. Very casual with outside and inside seating. Decor isn’t a big deal. But, it’s in South Beach in front of club Story so you can walk around afterwards. That’s a plus. I prefer to sit outside, but that’s based on your preferences.
Food: 4 out of 5
Parking: South Beach, South Point area, there’s a couple of lots
Overall: 4


The food at Big Pink is mouth watering, and so far, it’s all been delicious. Their food quality is consistent, and has yet to disappoint.

Big Pink Mac and Cheese

This is the real deal for cheese lovers, the Mac and Cheese dish. Looking at the plate you get a glimpse of the abundance of mouth watering deliciousness, but once you dig in that’s when all your dreams comes true. Fork full of macaronis, warm cheese hanging, one spoon full will never be enough. This is considered a starter or snack.

Big Pink Waffle Burger

The Waffle Burger has bacon, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg in between the obvious, two waffles. I, personally, love fried eggs in burgers, no matter what burger it is. I even tried it with a doughnut burger once, ain’t no shame in that. This burger isn’t huge, but it’s a hand full. Comes with fries on the side, you can pick whether you want sweet potatoes or the standard. I’d go with sweet potatoes with a pinch of salt.

Big Pink Public Works Burger

My oh my, the Public Works Burger. Last time I went to Big Pink two other people tried this burger, and their input was asked for to add to this post. I’ll summarize all three descriptions so you guys get the general gist of it. This is a big burger, not just big in size, but also in taste. It has hash browns, cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. When you take that first bite, it’s like a party in your mouth. It’s juicy and cheesy, and the hash brown just tops it all off. This also comes with a side of fries in a little bucket as shown in the picture, chose the fries wisely.

Big Pink Churrasco Wrap

The Churrasco Wrap is nice and big! A perfect combination of sweet and salty, protein and carbs, every bite filled with joy when you get the perfect combination of ingredients. It has beans and rice, fried plantains, and a grilled skirt steak cut into pieces. Comes with a side of chips which you can exchange for fries, and chimichurri sauce. For those of you counting calories and carbs, all that good stuff, just have low carbs all day and make up for it with this beauty.

Big Pink Fried Oreos

Big Pink Fried Oreos

The first time I ever tried fried Oreo’s was here, I had never had them and had no idea how it worked. One day we went to Big Pinks, sat outside, and the usual desire for sweets came around. We took a chance with this, and it was a magnificent freaking decision.

It’s the perfect combinations of fried and cold. It’s crunchy and warm, with an added spoon full of ice cream, that literally drops you off a the door of dessert heaven. Will I order this every time I go? Probably, and if not I’ll convince someone else to do it so I can take a spoon full of it. I loved it. Every bite, every taste bud that it touched, all of it. I will cry until our next encounter.


This place is a must do, specially if you’re already in South Beach when that time of day comes when your stomach grumbles and needs to be fed. It’s not an expensive place and has a good variety in menu options. I think it has something for everyone, but if you’re not sure just look at the menu before heading over. I’ve gone multiple times, and every time I go I still get excited and anxious as I wait for my food. It’s like a birthday party where you’re the only one that gets to eat the cake.

So, whenever it’s time for that cheat meal, you already know where to go. Once you’ve tried any or all of that delicious goodness, head back here and tell us all about it.

Until next post beautiful people!

Lots of love,


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Idalia 07/22/2016 - 4:38 AM

My goodness, these look marvellous! Bookmarked this for later use. I'm drooling! Hope you're having a wonderful day and also have a safe trilsBpessing., Kristy

Rachel 03/07/2017 - 2:59 PM

These photos had my stomach grumbling… Looks delcious! I bookmarked this for later use as well 🙂

Rachel 03/21/2017 - 1:25 PM

That’s awesome! I’m so glad you liked it! Haha are you from Miami??


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