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The adventure begins, the adventure continues, the adventure never ends. That’s how I feel at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. This is like a world far, far away, filled with dreams and magic. A world with butter-beer, rides, heroes of all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, wizards. It is not about knights in shinning armors and princess’ with ball gowns and tiaras, it is a place that honors adventure and courage. Does it get any better?

I’ve been to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure countless of times, for various reasons, and at different ages. The first time I went was in middle school and I’m pretty sure I went in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at least once. In high school, Grad Bash and Havoc were there, and throughout college I went more than a few more times. What does this have to do with anything? Well, even though I’ve gone plenty of times, I still decided to get an annual pass.

Why You Should Get an Annual Pass

As a Florida resident, we get discounts on all the different passes offered. For the sake of this post I’ll focus on the one that I got, which is the Preferred Pass that comes out to a total of $299.00+.

To get a one day park-to-park pass you pay $155.00+. Now, when you get a Preferred Pass, you have to make a one-time payment of $159.75 and a $14.52 additional payment monthly (like a Netflix account). If you do the math, you’d need to go twice a year to get your money’s worth.

Benefits offered for the Preferred Pass are the following: No Blackout Dates, Free Self-Parking after first visit (usually $20.00), discounts on special event tickets held throughout the year (Halloween Horror Nights), free admission to Mardi Gras, discounts on food and merchandise, discount on Blue Man Group tickets, and discounts at on-site hotels.

When you look at those reasons, they seem pretty basic, but it’s a reasonable conclusion if you enjoy going to the parks and feel as if you’ll go at least twice a year.

Even though those reasons were probably good enough to make me get an annual pass, there’s a few more things that I took into consideration. I needed to justify this expense to myself, in case anyone questioned it, you know? I also needed ammo to convince everyone else to do it.

Personal Reasoning

Let’s begin.

  1. Have I mentioned that I love road-trips? Being at the bottom of this peninsula can make it seem a little like a drag when planning one. I mean, think about it, you know how long it takes from Miami to get out of Florida? Eh, lets not do the math. Anyway, having the annual pass makes going to Orlando feel like the most exciting road-trip ever. Why? Because there are a couple of stops you can make along the way, and you can always deviate a little bit, or use it as a pit stop with some additional action.
  2. Whenever you want to go to the parks, the expenses that you have to think of decrease substantially. You no longer have to think of an extra $150.00+. All you have to think about is gas, hotel, and food, which can all be divided by the amount of people you choose to go with. The more people, the cheaper. Think about that for every trip you plan if you want to travel more.
  3. If you want to go during peak season when it’s packed and want to get the fast-pass, you see it as a smaller expense because that’s all you’re paying for. So you enjoy the park even more, and get to ride the Harry Potter rides a million times! Or any other ride I guess.
  4. You can have more adventures and try new things. Again, that should always be the goal. Whether its food, stops along the way, concerts, additional events, etc. If you need ideas click here for a simple idea when heading back to Miami.
  5. Have you seen the beautiful world at Islands and Universal? Just walking around makes you happy. Oh, and do you have any idea of the new additions already in place and the coming ones? Let me just mention two: Fast & Furious and Skull Island.
  6. Reason and excuse to go away for the weekend and sleep in a cozy hotel bed with feather pillows.
  7. Harry Potter freaking world! Need I say more?


I’ve gone twice since I got the annual pass and I’ll probably be going a lot more times and with different friends. It’s convenient and it’s exciting, and every time I go I can explore a little more and take in the details.  Having this annual pass makes me want to try different ones every year, just so that I can really take in all that they have to offer. There’s a reason why Orlando has become one of the top destinations in the United States. We have it in our own backyard, let’s disregard how touristy it can be and just enjoy the magic it offers. No matter where you choose to explore, you’ll always find something new and exiting. Why not go somewhere that has Shrek, Minions, and Marvel Universe?

Think about it!

Oh, and if you haven’t gone before, you have to go, please?

Hasta la vista,

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